Marc Mariano is Chief Executive Office of Advenir Oakley Development.  As CEO, Marc partakes in all general management duties for the company, including strategic planning and corporate financial management and leads a team of development and construction managers directly responsible for ensuring the successful delivery of the company’s development projects.  Marc leads AOD with the mindset that no one person is more valuable than the greater Team and instills a culture of collaboration, transparency and unwavering confidence to meet and exceed the goals established by the company’s Board of Directors.  Spanning over two decades of development experience that started in 1999 at HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research and included positions with County and City planning and zoning departments, as well as private planning, civil engineering and environmental engineering companies before creating and co-owning a real estate development company focused on multifamily assets, Marc offers a seasoned perspective into ever single facet of the real estate development process.  From site selection and underwriting through lease-up, stabilization and disposition, Marc brings an unparalleled level of tested real estate development experience that is critical to the delivery of the company’s immense single family rental platform.  Marc holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Geography and specialization in Urban and Regional Planning from West Virginia University.

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